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TELEBOARDS.COM is the General Chat Room for all ages who love to meet new people and Chat until the early hours of the morning! TELEBOARDS.COM have created a stylish new Chat platform and we are giving it to you for Free! Our Free Chat Room have been in operation for 12 months now and we know how to make an enjoyable Chatting experience! Don't believe us? Just join one of our Free Live Chat Room and find out! Whether you join our Adult Chat Room, Teen Chat Room, Kids Chat Room or General Chat Room we know that this will not be your last visit to TELEBOARDS.COM, Infact it's the start of your new Free Online Chat World!

General Chat - General Chat is just that! If you are looking for some interesting conversation in a place where annoying people are dealt with quickly.. Our Free General Chat Room is the place for EVERYONE!

Adult Chat - Adults Come in to find 100+ Chatters taking advantage of our Free Live Chat Room! What are you waiting for?! Your new best friend is waiting for YOU in our Free Chat Room!

Teen Chat - Teens! Don't sit in front of the Tele, come to TELEBOARDS.COM and make some new friends in our Live Online Chat Room created for Teens just like YOU!

Kids Chat - Pre-teens love our Kids Chat Room and you will too! Just pick a nickname and join in on the fun Free Chat Room experience that we know you will enjoy and see you again very soon!